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What You Should Know About Your Arizona Homeowners Insurance

Many homeowners don’t spend a lot of time going over their Arizona homeowners insurance when they buy. They look at the yearly premium cost and assume that all policies are about the same. That can be a mistake. There is a great deal of important information on your Arizona homeowners insurance policy, and knowing your rights and responsibilities can save you money and hassle in the long run. Here are four things you should know about your homeowners insurance.

What’s Isn’t Covered

Many homeowners mistakenly assume that anything that happens to their home will be covered by their Arizona homeowners insurance policy from someone like https://arizona-insurance.website/arizona-home-insurance-quotes/. While home insurance covers a lot of things, there are many important exceptions you should know about so you can be prepared. You should study the part of your policy called exclusions. You’ll find things like landslides, power failures, flooding, poor-quality maintenance work, and other related items. Many of these exclusions would be the result of natural disasters that might make you eligible for disaster relief funds from the government, however.

What Is Covered

It’s just as important to know what is covered as what isn’t covered. Many people suffer property losses that are covered by their Arizona homeowners insurance policy, but they aren’t aware that they’re eligible for a payout. If you leave a laptop in your car and it’s stolen, for instance, your auto policy might not cover it, but your homeowners policy might.

You Can Shop For Agents

When you suffer a loss that’s covered by your home insurance, it can be exhausting to collect from an unmotivated agent or adjuster. That can especially be a problem if you’re shopping for policies on price alone. Once you receive a homeowners insurance quote, you can shop around for different agents. One of the best ways to tell if an agent will be prompt and attentive when you file a claim is how quickly they respond to a request for a quote.

You Can Lower Your Rates

Shopping around isn’t the only way to save money on your home insurance. You can get discounts if you take steps to make your home safer. Many companies offer discounts if you install deadbolt locks or a security system, or hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You can also have your agent do a safety survey of your property to suggest more ways to improve your property and save additional money on your Arizona homeowners insurance.